Founded in 2004, IGRACO is a social initiative to promote biodiversity and social development in the rural communities of Oaxaca.


IGRACO  promotes and improves the production of Dye Cochineal and cactus to generate opportunities for vulnerable people from rural communities of Mexico.


The Organization seeks to establish solid foundations to increase the production of Dye Cochineal as a social development initiative. Through training workshops for indigenous people and small producer farmers, capacity building will be improved in rural communities thereby income generation opportunities.

The Dye cochineal Institute was created in order to promote research initiatives to create jobs through sustainable use of natural resources.

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Cochineal is a traditional natural dye for colouring textiles in South and Central America and has been used for beautiful, lightfast and permanent scarlets, pinks and reds for centuries. 


Cochineal became Mexicos second most valuable export after silver in the colonial period.


Mexican cochineal was one of the main exports of the Spanish empire from the New World and as important as gold or silver